Not so long ago the idea of having a device that could not only act as a phone but also a camera, a video camera, a personal stereo and more would have been crazy, but here we are.

We don’t choose our phones based on them being a phone anymore it is everything else that comes with it. The ability to stream every song ever written or every film ever made on a hand-held device is staggering when you come to think of it.

This will be the reason that we are all so attached to our mobiles, the thought of accidently leaving it at home is enough for some to break out in a cold sweat.

Making the most of our mobiles comes as second nature to most of us and the morning commute would not be the same without a set of headphones and your playlist, movie or Podcast.

That is why we thought we would be super helpful in helping you to find some new podcasts by letting you know about some of our favourites.

First up we have the I Was There Too podcast. This is a great podcast for fans of film as it speaks to the people that, might not have had huge roles in big films but, were there.

It gives us an insight into the side of films we so often miss out on. Yes, we do hear stories from behind the scenes but sitting down and listening to someone that was there explain the atmosphere and relationships is a just fantastic.

You can either listen through all the episodes or cherry pick to hear more from your favourite films.

Football fans will want to check out The Magic Sponge that is hosted by Jimmy Bullard, Rob Beckett and Ian Smith who welcome a guest from the world of football every week.

It is a hilarious journey through the careers of some of the biggest personalities in the sport and you will not want to miss out on Tony Warner’s episode, absolutely brilliant!

Our last recommendation for you is The Ricky Gervais Show. With countless award-winning shows like The Office, Extras and Derek behind him it seems everything Ricky Gervais touches turns to gold.

His podcasts along with Stephen Merchant and the hapless Karl Pilkington are brilliant. They are pretty much just him sitting around with his friends having a laugh but when they start on Karl for some of the crazy things he says you can’t help but laugh along.

Searching through the available podcasts is easy enough and pretty soon you start to discover the shows that you like.

Search by general category or for something more specific then just work through the options until you find someone whose shows format is something you can get on board with.

Podcasts are a great way to while away the hours waiting for busses and trains and can also be a great way to learn more about a subject you have an interest in.

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