As great as mobile phones are now with all the developments and additions to make them the essential items that they have become, sometimes you will need to spring for a few accessories.

Here are some of the more essential accessories that you might find yourself needing over the course of time. We thought we would try to help you get it all sorted out quickly.

Phone Case

It goes without saying that if you spend hundreds of pounds on the latest piece of technology you don’t want it to break. A mobile phone case is a quick and easy way to offer your phone some extra protection.

Cases come in a variety of styles and the costs can vary quite greatly. If you are more interested in style or fashion then you might end up paying a bit for a designer case, if it is all about protection you can get some pretty robust cases too.

Take a while to look about and see which kind of case appeals to you and weigh up the cost with its functionality to see if it is worthwhile.

Screen Protectors

You can pick up packs of screen protectors that will stop your phone picking up annoying little scratches. They don’t cost much and can be easily replaced, getting your screen replaced is a much bigger hassle.

Camera Accessories

If you are big on using your camera and are looking for likes on Instagram then you might want to look at some of the accessories available like the fish eye lens which will give you a whole other style of pictures.


If you listen to a lot of music or enjoy streaming your favourite movies or TV shows you want to make sure you get the best sound possible.

Depending on your budget you might want to invest in some great earphones or headphones that can be a lot more comfortable, cancel out external noise and give you a better all round experience.

External Battery Pack

Do you find that you get through your battery quite quickly? More and more places are offering charge points and ports for you to recharge your phone battery but sometimes you can’t access them.

An external battery pack will let you get a boost on the move and is very handy to have as a back up so you don’t get caught short.

You can pick them up for very reasonable prices and some come with the capacity to give your phone two full charges before they need recharged themselves.

Extra Charging Cables

Having extra cables for taking out and about will make it a lot less likely for you to lose your charger or forget to get it back if you lend it to someone. It will also cut down on wear and tear, prolonging the life of your chargers.

You can pick up charging wires for a couple of pounds but you do take a bit of a gamble on their reliability.

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